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So people use blogs and dump up fairly irrelevant results of quizzes, (OK I confess, sometimes they are interesting), but they really don’t tell you very much of the person unless you’ve seen the questions that have given them their score – Oh yes you can follow the link given and do the quiz yourself… But this often involves signing up to something you will frequent that once and continue receiving spam for every other time that you don’t visit.

I was wondering how you could ‘tell a bit more about yourself’ (just random facts/quirks etc.) in a more unique way, and although I hardly think this will let you know much more about me. I’m going to try it to satisfy my own curiosity… This is some of what I think about when I spend my 3hrs of Thursday public transport without book or music (a rare and frustrating occurrence).

The five senses…
Hearing, sight, taste, touch, smell…


The notables:

Music – clearly obvious. I don’t know many if any who don’t like music to an extent, except for my 10 year old self. I built up for myself a ‘I don’t like music’ persona for some stupid reason or other. My guess is that it was a comment on some music my sister liked and I decided to get stubborn and not like it. I really did go through a phase where I was extremely selective and overtly against it. I did like Classical music (don’t laugh) and I still do – although I rarely listen to it.

More on music… Handel’s Messiah is the one piece of music I would love to see performed live – along with my ‘Hobbit’ reading tradition (every Christmas Eve), I often fail to mention the accompaniment (being the afore mentioned).

To quote a friend about music, “I love any music with a good beat”… I love the clever use of piano. I like harmonies – unusual ones. i.e. I stopped hanging around to hear Kaya (on Xfactor) once they left, waste of time kind of television anyway.

Despite these particular ‘likes’, I don’t think that my entire music collection really demands them. I think I was about 13 or 14 before I ever owned a CD, I now own more than my 3 sisters (put together might be stretching it, but it would be close).

Hearing… I love the sounds certain words/phrases make. Be it ‘flirting with words’ as my head sometimes refers to it. Exploring unusual combinations (which I ‘hear’ in my head)…. Had to get it in somewhere. I also like clever song lyrics that twist words to mean different things despite saying the same thing.

Rain on a tin roof… No, make that rain full stop. A common favourite. The best way to go to bed is with that sound.

Laughter… If it’s not ‘nice’, it’s funny because it sounds so terrible.

A lone trumpet 🙂

Pet hearing hates:
-Sister’s singing (Laura or Hannah) not all the time, but particularly when they are doing it purposely to annoy you.
-My dog, when I’m sitting on the veranda trying to do something other than giving him full attention.
-Wirebush on carpet, similar cringe factor to nails on a blackboard.
-Gold 104.3 it is a rare moment when this is pleasant.
-Parties with loud music/ the ‘doof doof’ variety. I’d rather be able to have a conversation without screaming, thanks.
-Certain Connex trams with high pitched squeals, it gets close to unbearable after 10 minutes and will undoubtably last the other 70.

And the best, (although in select situations) is…


and a few other ‘hearing’ facts just for the sake of it:

I occasionally – but not for a long time, have had my ears ringing, this is understandably frustrating… used to have trouble with ear infections when I was younger, maybe a byproduct.

I have heard an earthquake before it happened.

… The strangest being was waking up in the middle of the night and hearing this weird yell… Completely isolated, quite scary. I’ve never worked out if it was a dream or an actual someone.

hmm this has taken longer than intended.
stopping now.

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