On the train

It was an interesting threesome, no foursome. Two guys, a girl and a baby. Really mmm… how to put it? Aussie. Slang- their words really down to earth, with the occasionaly four letter one thrown in. Talking loudly and natrually on the train. So unlike most snobby, self concerned others. Rough kind of people – maybe not stacks of education. I couldn’t work out who was the dad at first. It’s so completely bizzare to see a guy going all ‘soft’ over showing a tracksuit they bought for ‘her’. The friend was holding her (the baby) – just looked really at ease. The baby can’t have been quite 1yr, on his lap perfectly content. A curious mix of, ‘We don’t have a clue what parenting is all about, we’re new to this.’ and the ingrained ability to care.
Despite the language, the rough and ready, dole bludger appearance (which is kind of judgemental… but how do you explain?) I think it was a better situation for the kid than an overprotective, sanitised, fantatical, ‘knowledgeable’ couple.
Oh I doubt they were married. I felt sorry for the kid at first – think of environment, but I changed my mind. She was happy.

God, I’m sorry. I jump to conclusions on first apperances. You are the only one that should judge – who has the right to. Help me to see people for who they really are, the way you see past each of my mistakes. Show me God how you see others and teach me to look at them the same way.

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