Nice discovery. Write in pencil and snoopy look over shoulder people on the train (I’m not one of those, I just eavesdrop) can’t see what you’re writing – although neither can you when you get home late and the lighting in your room is not fantastic.

After an extremely rushed 15min wake up (2nd time). sitting on the train mostly alseep I get to the Box Hill area and see the White Horse City Church – which stands out as it looks so… clean. I had been looking at the graffiti as you do when you stare blankly out train windows. There was a sign for their youth group: Xtreme Youth, painted graffiti style on their massive whitewashed building. I almost laughed, it struck me how in an attempt to ‘fit in’ they had created one massive barrier. Now I don’t know if people think about such things, but against the general mess and art of station wall graffiti it looked simply weak. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great youth group. I’ve been several times as one of my really good friends goes there – they have a fantastic community drop in centre etc… but yeah.
Does anyone stand back and look at a simple thing like signage objectively… because I do.

…half an eavesdrop, bought to mind the topic of ‘Boundries’. It’s interesting when you see a ‘couple’ on the train – whom you strangely admire. Not talking about physical boundries or anything here… but the guy was talking to the girl about setting some boundries – I don’t know what about – but really stressing something to her that she needed to mmm set boundries (mmm words are coming thick and fast tonight). I doubt I would have noticed it had I not been told this week’s lifeskills topic was, “boundries”, had a conversation with Jo about wanting to find out a bit more – not the physical side of things, that’s always kind of obvious. But the mental, emotional boundries -something I wonder about on and off, but never come to any conclusions on.
Frankly I don’t have a clue.

When I hit a point of having more than 6hrs sleep the night before I might decide to think about it.

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