I wrote this post for part of a gush thread… but due to server problems I couldn’t reply:

I’m very much not the person to express things physically… like
running round madly etc. I’m not a huggy person.

Yes there are many occasions when the situation requires more than words… I guess I just generally tend to empathise differently (although yeah… attempting to speak
someone elses love language is a rewarding thing to do, it’s curious how the
general principles seep into other areas of your life.)
I’m a ‘be there’ person… an ‘advice’ giver (:) words and time). I’ve never been overly good at letting somone cry on shoulder kind of thing, I shy away from it.

I can stand back, see how it works with others. I can understand, because I’ve had brief insights of it in my own life. Generally speaking, physical stuff its not really
my way of expressing how I feel.

Now I don’t know. I wonder if along the way some of that expression of self through ‘physicality’, what? disappeared, or is a lesser known side of myself, even to myself and not one that I excercise frequently.

I have felt the need before.

All I could do then was run. (yeh ok a 12year old’s grief over a pet. still significant)

To scream at the world at God… but that is still using words.

Being keyed into reading body language… maybe it’s more an interpretation of understanding, and adapting to fill that role, to love the person in they way they are loved best. It’s fulfilling. But I don’t know.


how do I express myself?

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