Conversation (unabridged)

We were discussing spiritual discipline in CL (Creative Living) today. It came about through a discussion of ‘being ready’ – the ‘watch and pray’ verse, somewhere in Matthew I think. A question also of: how much have you seen God at work in the stuff of your everyday life. Aside from stating my obvious response… ‘smile’ am I getting too used to this all coming up? mmm. Warwick mentioned ‘stillness’, which I though – oh yeah this is what is going to be the standout factor for me as I’ve been recognising taht I’m getting a little slack of late on setting aside time. So yes, it is important however, the following ‘listening to God’ was the notch up on the significant scale.

Again I had a conversation about this with other person (and I wrote: should I let him know how conviently God is using him? 🙂 )
It was a re-emphasis on the act of prayer – it being a two way thing, and chosing to listen and let God go first. I guess the biggest thing that jumped out of me here was reading ‘the word’ – which is an in your hand way to listen to God. Bible reading’s become really slack of late.

Ask God what does he want me to read. Do it. Have that interactive God conversation.

And that is a spritual discipline I need your help God to nail.

Christian Doctrine – interesting stuff about the sacraments (baptism/communion etc…) I spent the morning break… (thats about 40mins on a Monday) discussing stuff through with Rowan, Elyce, Dave, Nathan and Tom. I’m still not entirely sure…. it’s a hard concept. Too tired to think now.

Dawn’s 18th. Pancake Palour about 20-25 yits people there. Funny how conversation flows stacks easier with some than others. Ah… or maybe it’s because you had your hand in things there God… phenomenal reoccurance of answered prayer – even stuff I mention once. Thank you God for being the best listener, for knowing my subtleties, my every need before I ask.
Make yourself real to me as the greatest conversationalist. Relationship grows through communication. I think I’m missing part of that at the moment.

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