Peace in Pieces (abridged)

Such a different day. Yesterday dubbed: terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and I have chosen not to describe as I was being neither uplifting to others – God found a way through peoples words and through Psalm 73, even though it did mean hitting the repeat button on CD player reading it about 5 times (don’t ask me why that Psalm), doing something I wouldn’t normally do or didn’t have to do. Humbling kind of day, annoyed with myself and multiple others. I felt 14 again. God forgives and he showed me that others do as well, more willingly than you can try to hope for.

…Psalm 73, it was good to hear those words again first thing this morning. Worth the effort of getting up a bit early and spend the first bit of the day with you.

What a difference small actions make in contributing to assurance, an acknowledgement, a word, a touch, a smile.

Looked at the Holy Spirit in Doctrine today. I realised for the first time the funny connection of birds and the use of the dove (random thought that jumped into my mind, which would have absolutely no significance for anyone else) How it’s never occured to me before, that funny way God that you bought back that promise this morning with those out the window and the one that made an apperance at lunch. That thought aside…

I got the strong impression taht I need to start fully trusting you with this ___ stuff, because I’m getting frustrated over the little things, stressing out and creating problems where they don’t need to be. Have it God. It was never our idea in the first place, but yours.

I wonder how peace ties in with decision making? If we are confident in you God, your leading whatever our move happens to be, you can use it. I guess it struck me that it may have been a situation where there was no right or wrong. That you were willing and able to run with whichever and besides, you knew what was going to happen in the first place. Is that why? That the peace will follow on, not what we are certain is right or best, but our trust in your ability to work in and through our circumstances. What, is it best to decide and then wait for peace? What about trusting God completely and the peace a product of that.

We shared Creative Living Projects today. I was deeply impacted by many, proud of all. Glad to understand more of who they are, encouraged to hear of their journies. Thankful I could share a little of my own. Thank you for the courage.

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