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Angry. I honestly don’t care so much about the place, or sadly even many of the people. I have been letting slip ties for a while now. Any few that were ever there. Febuary’s mess, resolved although not too gratefully to stick through what I did not fully understand and still don’t. It is the same mess. Escalated and visible.
Angry at the disunity. The crass nature so called Christian’s show. Sad, yes, no. Not in the way many might be. It was time for me to move on. I haven’t yet. Maybe this makes it easier. It doesn’t make it right.

I fail to understand how people can get into their heads the notion that they can bypass time, change. How they think that they can dictate all to suit their prerequisites. Push the ‘other’ out the window and watch smiling as it falls down down down. As long as that other is further from them, they don’t care. They define church as the place and forget the people, forget God maybe.

You can’t buy CD’s tailored to suit your ever chaning mood. Whose call is it to treat church the same way. Each individual stuck onto a background of their ever changing world. Each to their own equals each alone.

Pick and mix doesn’t work. It’s mix and leave the pick to God. Church is not a building, but the people and disunity is the line slashing faint red lines between them.

It is wrong to blame the people. To know there is one placing ideas in their heads. And right to confirm that there is one greater. To whom the purpose returns. And is.

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