How the week pans out

Not good.

Can’t find my ‘modern creed’ which we wrote in class about a month back, was so sure I had it. Need it for major Doctrine essay: Personal Creed. 2000wrds
So much for having that done before monday. I can’t start.
Rowan did take photocopies.


I have a Practical Evang. essay, and not enough info on the question to even start.

A Doctrine test on Monday.

An Old Testment test on Tuesday.

A group presentation on Wednesday (the only one I am vaguely prepared for). Meeting at Subway $2 breakfast (yes thats right :P) w/ computers and group to finish that off tomorrow morning.

All this needs to be done by Friday.

All up: 2750 words, 2 tests, oral presentation.

Friday afternoon, going on work Conference all weekend. Semester break. 5 beautiful free weeks! One camp.

just to get through this week.

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