World Without the Crap (abridged)

Tired. But oh what a good Tuesday. Goodbye tedious Tuesday forever – maybe.

Facinating Evangelism class. Best described – as I cannot be bothered completely reviewing, through some quotes I picked up. Minorly amusing looking at them because they tell little of the class. (on another note, this is what Tom wrote about Hyper Reality re: that class. How convienient!) continuing…

“Human beings are (have become) human doings” – Darren

“We are middleclass with upperclass taste.” – Mark Sayers

“There was a boxer who had a plan, then he got hit” – Mark S quoting someone

and instead of a a wwjd type thing > heaven = wwtc i.e. “World without the crap”

Much more from that class. Jesus mistaken as a gardener actually having a point > his (God’s) continuation of the Genesis project, perfect environment for humans.

So much stuff God. Strange how Evang. was the class in all of YITS that I was dreading the most – for some screwed up, naive reason and I ended up really enjoying and getting heaps out of it. This is your world, where your heart is (though I don’t know why), and ours should lie. In people. Help me God to invest in others and to do my bit to ‘grow’ the kingdom of God. Be my voice, in my words, my lifestyle, my relationships.

Old Testament test went well. Very glad that class is over.

Afternoon break, so much fun.
Photos – taking and being stupid. Laughing my guts out at what Jo said.

Accountability was good. Do regret one thing. Got talking to Katie about Laura (sister) and John (probably future brother-in-law). Talk moved to long distant relationships. Anyway, K trying to grasp how it would possibly work, which is very understandable. In my inability to find words, placed it somewhat flippantly back to being used to moving around lots (call it ‘brushing it off’ if you will). Which, yeah is true. But I could have persisted a little more and tried to explain better – in so doing, may have shared a bit more about what it is like. That it’s crap to have to do friendships that way. And to have treated her, I guess with a bit more…. hmm respect.

….more that I’m leaving unsaid. The God conversation aspect that doesn’t need to be public.

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