I’m realising as I went back just before to put up backlogged stuff that tiredness seriously affects writing style. Saying thus, I think I am getting sick and have been awake purely due to caffeine today. Letting words flow well, or playing round to get stuff sounding ‘good’ has simply been low on the priority list. Journal has resulted in head dump of what went on in the day. Be it emotionally loaded, thought inspired or whatever, I frankly couldn’t care less.

Last day of semester. If only I was not working tomorrow and friday… ah that would be nice :
Good day. Apart from not being entirely with it. Actually no. Strange kind of detached me. Last day and I’d assume I’d desperately want to socialise as I wont be seeing people for 5 or so weeks, but no. I think I would have been completely content to be alone all day outside somewhere in the middle of nowhere… and that thought can be left there.

It was fun though. Did our oral presentation first, as Jess was feeling sick and wanted to go home. Went alright. “What is Success?”… went better than some of the others, wasn’t as good as some of the others. Middle of the range. Enjoyable one some of the guys did on ‘why they are women’ (Tilla saying to me, “poor boys, they’re so naive” :P). Some of the girls did a ‘why they are men’…. as Jess put it, rather ‘left wing’. Enjoyed the one on ‘choices’ and Tracey’s groups’ one on ‘depression’.

BBQ lunch put on by Rowan, Jacqui, Marko and Tilla. Hamburgers (best kind of BBQ).
Rowan was doing promo video/still stuff for YITS 2006. Some crazy group stuff of us singing, laughing being stupid etc… Apparently going to end up on the website.
As are I guess lots of the photos taken in the past few days. Many by me. Rowan shoved camera at me this week (… he didn’t know how desperate I am to get a camera at the moment haha 🙂 has been nice, kind of) SLR digital. Some good ones (photos), lots of bad ones 😛 got it taken off me lots.

…half of the yits people’s obsession with the game ‘dodo’. Which I wont explain here. But involving saying dodo until your breath runs out. Being grabbed by a group of people and held to the ground. Looks alright. But yeh, maybe not. Have watched so far. Being no big physical contact person… hating being slammed to the floor for no exceptional reason, not exactly my idea of fun.

Was rather antisocial today. Didn’t mind. Crash and burn time of the year, I think I shutdown a day too soon. Will hopefully be alive enough for work conference this weekend.

Prominent thing today. Funny how ‘hugs’ comes up, how I get the idea and I think I put forward that I don’t like them. Which yes there are times (most of them) I don’t, as mm. can find them as invading personal space. And people understand that, which is great; but other times, it would nice, very nice.
Or to or sit and be quiet with someone comfortably. Thats what I missed today. What I wanted.

Extension for Personal Creed. Thankful for sanity’s sake. Stress levels dropped hugely. Was getting photos off Rowan, but I left my usb stick there, so will probably have to wait until camp. Ah well. Scanned a few off Katie the other day. May put them somewhere. will/should soonish be updated, no doubt with new stuff.

I need a holiday… more so, time, to read, to write, to pray, to think. To stop.

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