Here’s to Normality (altered rather a lot)

Not entirely sure why I started titling these, could be something to do with the fact that I enjoy making up that kind of thing. Words words. I usually wait until after I’ve written then put something up. Did the title first today. So much for saying holidays started last week, whenever, this is the first day where I have nothing. Which is the key to start planning/sorting stuff on what needs – or I want to happen. Bedtimes need to improve. 2:30am last ‘night’ which is terrible, I could blame it on proper coffee and good company. It was both, it’s still stupid of me. Wonder if I can make it to bed before 10?
So, regain the body clock, my habits to work myself back into some sort of properly functioning human being where I can have an indepth conversation without losing the plot 5 min’s in.

[12:53:02 AM] you wanna know somthing else I think?
(please don’t take the wrong way) our late nite
encounters have not been as deep (it’s not even
that…they’ve just been different) in recent times

^ Very true that and entirely my fault.

God, I guess I need to shove otherstuff aside a bit more. I can fool myself thinking that I’ve spent time with you, but it’s not the best of my time. Help me to want to give my first and best time to spend with you. Thank you for what you’ve been this past while – that’s the attitude I’ve had. It should be: for who you are.

It’s funny how things change in interaction with someone, you/others how externally it appears nothing has changed and a week weeks down the track things just feel differnt (often the awkward, sometimes the better).

….more left unsaid.

Appologies to those I’ve had zombie conversations with lately – that would be most of you I’ve talked with. Please please kick me offline if I’m on after 12pm (or earlier if I say :))
I love talking with you, but if I can do it earlier, conversation should be much improved.

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