How I like my coffee.

I somehow ended up owning multiple cups, all brown and green “very bec”
Also a testimony to my stingyness as they were either presents or like the cup in the middle cost me a grand total of 50c (new, not opshop).

That saying, I dont think I’ve ever used the really little one – mum got that for me somewhere. The secondone up (from the right) is the one probably worth the most, Laura got that for Kris Kringle for me (we did it on schoolies… so I ended up getting 2 Christmas presents from her). The very first one is possibly the best for late night coffee, it being the largest and if you make the coffee the same colour as the cup it’s pretty well perfect.

The 50c cup is useful as it accomdates for the tea drinking… trying to drink tea out of a latte cup, don’t even go there.

Whatever the case, this is evidence of the slight collecting gene I’ve inherited from my mother (by no means as bad) and I have well and truly eased off since about 4 years back.

At least this is practical.

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