Tuesday Morning.

Jess should have been here to pick Sam and I up at 9:30.
She’s lost her keys.

The aim of this morning: swimming, head back to Tabor for lunch and then lovely NT class.

Em took the leftovers from last night… not overly happy about that. Chicken & Broccoli is my favourite 🙁

I’ll probably join Katie and go to the SRC (to replace Dave who’s away today). We have to work out budget/restrictions for the Tabor end of year party. Event Management in Lifeskills. I can see myself taking too much on – looking at my response first meeting. Silly Bec.
The SRC is ‘chaired’ (maybe not the right word) by a guy called Rohan – I think this could possibly be the Rohan in Burkie’s band… I may ask, I probably wont.

Jess C said GGBiggs is at Tabor on Tuesdays. That will be kind of weird, I believe she intends to point him out.

Seems that Laura worked out that Chrisso (also gush person) is in the 2nd year of the same ACU course.

People links everwhere.

It’s quite embarassing in some ways, almost every person that comes to lecture Tabor I have some kind of connection with. Deb, Age… Steven etc…

___ is rather frustrating me. Thought I was used to her and could just laugh at her. Been grating on my nerves lately – lets use the embarassing word again, because that’s what it is. Ah, you think I’d ‘get it’ by now.

But I’m rambling and this isn’t very interesting. Hopefully Jess will show up soon.
Swimming in Melbourne in Winter.
Aren’t we intelligent beings.

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