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Well I’m sitting on my beanbag attempting to ignore people I want to ignore on msn, which is why have it set as busy – they don’t get the point. I could block them, but to do so now would be semi-rude (which I don’t mind so much) but it would require explanation later.

Work today. I woke up on time, then fell back to sleep and was in a minorly disturbing dream (which I can’t remember) when dad woke me up. 7:30. I get the ‘late train’ at 7:46. Was not impressed at myself. Ended up catching the 8:06 train and bumped into Jess D (good friend from school) met her other good friend from Tafe. Was good :)It also meant I was almost 20mins late for work, I called Ian right on 9:00 well, mbo, Ian was the only one around.

Big World Vision workshop running upstairs all day. Shannon and I doing the catering so to speak. Ie. picking up food, setting up, cleaning, washing dishes. Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea. There were LOTS of them. Coffee making etc… endless dishes. I actually didn’t mind too much. Just strange to do half a day at work without barely touching a computer. My legs are sore, I must have gone up and down those stairs 50+ times.

Train home. Was wondering whether to see if I could spot anything interesting to describe here but I was semi-dead. So I slept (brain still half awake deal).
However, something I noticed today. Possibly because I’ve had a few conversations around it and read something on it recently.
Chivalry is not yet dead in Australia 😛
Minor surprise.

I mainly noticed the ‘you go first thing’ (male to female). Got let on the tram first before some guy, he was definitely ahead of me, and observing many unspoken moments of this in the mayhem of getting of the Flagstaff-Spencer St train. Another incident this-evening when on the fairly empty train a younger guy let another woman go before him (verbal indication) possibly the best part was the grateful surprise on her face.
I was rather impressed.
So yes.
*take note if you are male, girls do like this – don’t however do it in excess or it just gets ridiculous.

and thus ends this before I go all strange and start typing incriminating things.

a few random un-noteables:

My dad is big into road-kill at the moment, seemingly always when I’m around. The possum had it before the headlights hit it, the duck is moulded into the road.

Met Kellie again while hunting for dominoes in a $2 shop. I did Arts Multimedia course with her way back in yr10-11. We were the only girls in the class so got to know eachother fairly well. She recognised me first. Had her boyfriend Ryan with her, if I remember rightly he’s the same one as back then – which is good (for her 🙂
Quite strange, taking about 300 steps backward in time. I remember the day Kellie found out I was a Christian she wierded out and didn’t talk for the rest of it, that sort of changed. I lost contact with her after the course finished, I should have kept it up. I should have gotten her number or email off her or something again. Stupid missed chance.

okay. enough now.

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  1. said:

    Chivalry is not dead. I’m doing my best to keep it alive.

    Seriously, there are a lot of things from old time that we need to keep hold of. They keep true to the value not of treating all women of God like ‘princesses’ (because that grates with me, for some reason), but in the fact that we as men of God do have a responsibility for the well-being of our sisters. And with that well-being should come an ingrained respect that is evident through our actions.

    September 16, 2005

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