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Something from class today which I think is important not to forget:

“The cross is not a contract for sin alone, but a covenant for life”

In relooking at this, really helped to fit the pieces of disjointed theology back into place. By this I mean confusion about where ‘good works’ fit into life.

You cannot by any means earn your way into heaven, or earn God’s favor. And when asked by Mon the other night about where does this ‘character thing’ fit into the Christian life, I gave a bit of a sloppy answer.

I don’t think that it was very clear at all in my mind – the why’s. I grapple quite frequently with the why character build?, why put in effort? complexity.

To steal the phrase, ‘God’s lifestyle’ – this is what we should be aiming at. Not trying to please God (to ‘love God’) with the intention of doing it on our own, for ourselves even, or others. Thi is for how we choose to live now, living life as an ongoing pursuit of Christ.

And how can I at all do this?

God’s lifestyle (right now) demands of me to know more of who God is, what is his nature and from then it’s all ‘follow the leader’.

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  1. said:

    Bec I love your thought process.
    I gain so much encouragement from reading your writing. Thankyou.

    With Love
    Your sis
    Jess xoxo

    October 19, 2005

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