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Tickets booked for Jess and I (Grandma pulled out due to price) for the 9th of December – Messiah at Hamer Hall. Much thanks to Emily who conveyed one student card and money to Jess, funny the arrangements you have to make. Online ticket booking is crap. It however shall no doubt mess thoroughly with my insides and leave me wowed. We shall see.

Tomorrow is my last offical (half) day at MBO. Official being I actually stick to my Thursday on, 2nd Friday on. From now on I am actually doing the casual job thing, they call me if they need me, I go only if I want to. Huzzah I like the sound of that! and Oh dear, I don’t really have a job any more. Dymocks had better hurry up and call me.

Tomorrow is also the staff Christmas party. Joy. I’d rather not bother, but should make an apperance. Dragging Dad along for transport (he’s not complaining, he gets a free meal), it also means I can leave roughly when I want to. ie. not too late.

“and the refraction arched over her wrist like a two dollar shop bracelet, she didn’t notice, but I did – a rainbow shrunk to her skin”

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