Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue

The Master Humbler

I like this article apart from being vaguely frustrated that it gives no further insight into ‘how you should live’ which is entirely the point anyway (that it shouldn’t)

Another jab in the side for, “Bec, why do you blog?”

Why do you think I blog?


  1. said:

    bec, not sure why you blog, but im glad you do. sometimes its hard to get into your head space, and perhaps this is the lazy mans way of doing so.

    congrats on your dymocks job also… does this mean i have to steal you before wednesday?
    will you be working saturdays also?

    December 3, 2005
  2. said:

    not saturdays as far as I know (I shall really know on monday).

    yes you do have to steal me before wednesday, before tuesday infact as I’m doing stuff w/ Jess D on tues.

    hard to get into my head hey?

    December 3, 2005

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