keeping on

Something short as I’ve left things a bit late for long ramblings and pryings into the depth of my mind.

quote of the day (thanks to some random guy in dymocks) “I don’t read you retard!”. I had a quiet laugh. (nb’s to self that a couple of you might not even get it).

Ha. I have gone blank. Well how’s this for informative, wise, sharp and witty? pfft and I need way more sleep than I’ve been getting. Do you think holidays even exists for me any more? I could do with a week of pure sleep and going away with a few choice friends, or maybe even better just by myself and do something entirely relaxing.

or I’ll just keep on dreaming, if I end up in bed.

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  1. said:

    ha ha.
    bec, you make me laugh…

    December 20, 2005

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