I get the distinct impression sometimes that I vastly underestimate people.

Occasionally one of my far less blog obsessed friends draws the nerve to relax themselves enough to allow others to reach in a little further. They choose to show more, or I just simply see more. Sometimes in conversation, but having the words picked carefully and out there so you can actually see them mmm…

We are multifaceted. People surprise me. I do not give them all the credit they deserve. It’s sometimes as if I get so caught in my own world that I forget there are 3 billion other people in the world, that aren’t just people, but people who are living their own lives and facing their own walls.

What makes people like they are?

Jess you wrote about weakness, showing it. Weakness, in the forms you mentioned (and plenty more I think that got missed – or don’t apply so much to you) are so much a part me, and of everyone. You can change all you like. But you know exactly what strikes that nerve. You can teach yourself (and learn) to think first, but a small part of you almost never fails to succumb.

But what of proclaiming weakness? Do we talk about it, admit to it only because it feeds off another part of our insecurity? Fulfills some great (or small) accomplishment in us. That we could, that we can. I think we (and I) do get lost in this maze of where developing character crosses into where our initial reasons are diluted so far down that the initial reason is thwarted.

It is easy to get lost in trying badly to make someone understand us.

I find it quite strange that I came on here originally intending to talk about my frustration of waking up to the noise of a hairdryer and, “Where’s my eyeliner?” to which I made pathetic groanings (or cat noises – katie :P) when I found the clock didn’t even say 9:00am. And now this.

Humanity is beautiful and terrible.

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