Sore feet

Two days before Christmas.

It definitely doesn’t feel it. My present getting was done a while ago. The others went to look at lights tonight, my feet hurt after 9hrs at work – I am not particularly in the mood, I think I’d just get annoyed at the waste and show of it all anyway.

I either have a massive callous on one side of one of my big toes, or it’s just numb for some reason, weird.

So, work all day. Frantically busy, I was on registers for the first couple of hours. Had afternoon tea with Dave (as we couldn’t coordinate lunch breaks) which was a good change from sitting alone eating whatever and starting at whatever in the short 15 minutes I get.

And I have entirely run out of anything to say.

Oh, I did sit down and do the 3rd of the Advent things tonight, I didn’t take much time about it really. It was on joy. Which is entirely curious considering the past week.

Joy is oddly themeatic really. Which is quite cool considering it is one of the things I talked to God about a few weeks ago.

…and now I have to go finish watching Troy with Dad.

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