Similarities, stupidity and curiousity

Last night in my boredom, I sent off an email to a few of the individuals that know both Laura and I. I asked them to send me back 10 differences between us (should they be so inclined). I am not entirely sure what possesed me – curiousity perhaps, the idea came after looking hard at a photo taken of the two of us yesterday. Laura also got a copy of this email.

The only response thus far has been:

“you crazy bored girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m gonna like NOT reply properly. ive got better stuff to do!! love jes V”

Oh well, who says you can’t try.
If any more slightly thought out response comes through I might just share it here. Whatever the case, you shall have to wait, just as I shall have to wait.

Curiousity has deintensified and transcribed into wonder at the strange sometimes stupid things I do.

And here’s where I can throw up my hands (in the truly non-literal sense of the word as my hands happen to be on the keys of my computer), or cover my face, or just do the expected, smile and shrug at the whys and workings of my mind.

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