The past few days on gush have been slightly timewarpish.

The return of zaul being the predominant concern. I confess I had almost forgotten about this outspoken, mixed up guy I had massively difficult conversations with July 2004. He was the kind of person that had a large number of people extremely concerned he might do something to himself, asked ridiculously strange questions and hung in the balance of being somehow interested in Christianity – both for it and against it at once.

A lot of me wishes he’d just go away again. I am sorely disapointed that not more has changed, yes he has drawn out of the crap of his life to some extent, but in thoroughly the wrong way.

Its a very difficult thing to moderate nevertheless. His obsession with Tony Robins and Donald Trump is absurd and concerning.

I also got a message last night from Sammy and Mish. What a good frienship I had with both of them. I haven’t really talked to either in ages. Particularly Mish. Also strange when I realise that’s how I sort of got to ‘know you’ John. In together giving Mish a hand, advice and walking in water well over our depth.

God has strange ways of working and sometimes brings really unusual people across our paths.

Please pray for zaul if you know the circumstance, and us as we talk w/ him and surrounding people, that Godiswatching will drag up enough courage to at least add me to her msn, so I can actually contact her (as I think she refused me last time). And that we can talk effectively against some of the stuff zaul is bringing up without having an all out argument errupting in our faces.


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  1. said:

    Yeah i know that’s how we ‘met’ bec 😛 i haven’t heard from them two in a fair while now… *agrees* w/ “In together giving Mish a hand, advice and walking in water well over our depth.”

    interesting to see what the rest of his life is like.

    Zaul’s return was a little unexpected. I have no idea of the kind of moddish things that you do in relation to him, but i know it’s a lot of work.

    Back to the secret work. (yes you don’t know what it is bec! :P)

    December 27, 2005

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