Check out, your spelling

After reading a couple of new blogs, I came back to this one to give a critical eye on what my posts have been like lately.

My photography likewise.

I have been exclusively recounting my day-to-day experiences or shoving song lyrics in your face. My grammar has gone downhill, I no longer so much as read twice through each post and my spelling is shot, thanks to the overuse of msn.

The internet degrades language almost faster than a Babysitters Club book. Which reminds me of the book I’ve left half read (Death Sentence) which is a whole however many pages devoted to a rant about the demolished state of English. KISS, keep it simple stupid – or at least use things correctly/creatively, it applies to more than just multimedia.

I might as well cut slithers of this past few weeks posts and throw them into the air – off a bridge, a cliff or the Rialto. They would not be missed.

I love words, writing (most of the time) and a good read. Why shouldn’t I give you some of that? You might think I’m being too critical, you might think this blog is wonderful (cough/gag)- spare me your flattery, I’m not impressed with it at the moment, so neither should you be.

I find that when I go to a blog, what grabs me far more than the show and tell of a day is the writer’s observations and thoughts, ideas and theories on broader concepts specifically those relevant to me.

For example, if I chose to talk about catching some guy checking me out (like I did today). I should probably further elaborate on similar incidents, general questions and in some way try to vaguely intice you to leave a comment or three.

So, I would/should talk about how Sam and I laugh at this, as almost without fail whenever we go somewhere, someone (some guy) always seems to honk their car horn or similar and our debate over ‘which one of us it is’, her descision that it is me, mine her, our differnt reactions – she laughs, I get annoyed. It really is disconcerting.

And then, what questions that raises in me. As it never fails to surprise me. To be utterly honest, I don’t think of myself as anything particularly more than average. Oh, sometimes I have a ‘pretty day’, more often it’s not. Females don’t entirely fail to understand what makes them attractive, but things like, ‘She has to have some mystery about her’ (which I’ve heard numerous places), to be honest, I don’t have a clue what guys on about. Anyone care to explain?

My self esteem is not shattered, I don’t think its actually too bad at all. I am however far too grounded in reality, comparitive thinking and the knowing that I am not one of the 7 out of billion women in the world that is supermodelish. I understand why Sam thinks its funny and secretly likes it (was that meant to be secret Sam?) as it’s flattering in an odd perverse way – I still hate it. I think we all (females) want to be seen as beautiful (more than just skin deep), want to be wanted, fully accepted etc.

I am not surprised at all why many girls do the whole makeup thing. Guy’s you’d do well to learn how to pay effective ‘non-sleasy, non-pick up line’ compliments, that go further than just skin deep (but NB, do not exclude it entirely).

After saying all that and getting throughly sidelined, I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with retelling what I spent my day doing. I think however, that there are far more interesting and creative ways to present it other then just, “I did this and this and this and then this.”

This post feels slightly robotic, but do remind me take a bit more care when the writing gets sloppy and boring. Please by all means, pick me up on words that start getting overused in my vocabularly. Words like indeed, rather and perhaps. They have their place but too much is too much.

Today I did this:
-Did not sleep in
-Went to the Mellows (after dad finally found the lost car keys)
-Laughed heaps
-Came home and slept which is a massive rarity
-Found and read this blog after being utterly surprised it is by 16yr old (Melbournite), and even more surprised that he gets the 96 tram – I am fairly confident I’ve even seen him a couple of times before, his face is distinctive.
-Have a decent headache
-Enjoyed my dog walking – honestly
-Wrote this blog


  1. said:

    You’re gram are is awe full!

    Couldn’t resist. Glad you’ve re-sparked your writing and photography.

    December 31, 2005
  2. said:

    indeed it does make me laugh bec! any in some way, it is flattering. i had to re read what you wrote there to figure out what was supposed to be secret. i guess its not really.. :p everyone likes to be told their attractive.

    oh, btw, yesterday (ie, monday the lunch jane and dave day) you looked rather pretty. :-).

    January 10, 2006

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