While I sit here

Just quickly while I remember – and Im not staying on this wretched computer much longer its far too hot to be typing.

Just home from work, and there were a few, well I suppose you could call them ‘delightful’ (gag) experiences worth remembering.

The first was a woman and her son who was probably about 4, bragging about who loved each one more. “I love you more” (mum), “I love you more and more and more” (little boy). I walked around the corner and there’s the dad pushing a pram and had the most massive smile on his face – I think my face was a little the same. What flashed through my mind was ‘ideal family status’ or some blah like that. But really, it would be so nice…

The second was two little kids (about 3) playing/laughing at eachother outside the front of the shop. An african boy and an anglo boy. People should learn the laws of humanity from children.

Some more weird graffiti: “Doorbells are tempramental”

And the last, waiting for the bus, an old guy who was nearly dying of a coughing fit one side of me and another on the other side. I dare say it looked pretty comical.

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