Intentional horror over spending habits

Last November for some strange reason I started keep all of my recipts, every single one, including those you get when you visit an atm.

I had no real reason at the time, but slowly it evolved and the decision was made to one day pull them out and count them, to thus shame myself into buying less.

Now, I really don’t buy too much (so I thought) and I tend to stick to things I actually need. Although need is an extremely lose definition and you can easily lie to yourself about needs and wants.

To not make myself sound absolutely terrible, amongst these recipts were a good lot of things I did have to pay for, text books, presents and well the unavoidables, metcards etc…

So three numbers that have come up, in order to digust myself, the first I can’t do much about and entirely depended on whether I bought 5x/month/day/2hrly metcards:

There are 36 of those, one was sent to someone, one is still in my wallet and I’m fairly positive I’ve lost/thrown out a fair few.

Not so bad – they are ‘necessaries’.

I pulled all of the recipts I could find out and counted them.

I have been to ATM’s no less than 71 times between last November and now. I can justify that slightly as I tend not to ever get very much money out at once, specifically so I don’t spend it, but thats still WAY too many times.

I had 116 other recipts.
How shameful.

I really need to curb the buying – I mean that doesn’t include anything coffee/lunch related.

So, Bec the miser?
Not so miserly perhaps…

Take the time to disgrace yourself once in a while, might do you some good.
I shall be watching myself far more closely now (New Years resolution?)


  1. said:

    116 other receipts in a year? And you think that’s too much? *is awed*

    Seriously, Bec. It’s not that much. Don’t stress too much.

    December 30, 2005
  2. said:

    You could always take out more money, and therefore go to the atm less…

    But then again, you’ll probably just spend more.

    December 31, 2005

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