So much for optimism

I show up at work. Oh you got told the wrong thing (or I heard the wrong thing) you aren’t working today, but now you are here…

12:04. Bec is out the back stickering books with Mel (manager) I get massively dizzy, my ears start ringing and I do not even go through the consider ‘should I say something, I’m probably okay’ phase, I just did and went and sat down. I nearly blacked out several times. Felt unbearably hot, sweaty, then cold, and sick and dizzy. Finally managed to get up enough to get some water, felt a bit better after that. Ears rang for like 5 minutes at least. Mel got me a cold towel thing. “Got anyone you can call?”

So I got on to Jess. Again. She was wonderful. Felt a bit better but still sick all afternoon, stayed at her place in the aircon watching movies. Hot, cold.

Now I am home (thanks again Sam to your Dad). I still feel hot (beyond just the weather), despite having had panadiene at Jess’s. I still feel sick and cant be stuffed cooking dinner as I dont feel much like eating, I dont want to have a shower as I’d rather not keel over in there (as thats where anything like that usually happens), but I do want one. And I want to sleep but its too hot and parents will call or something after 7pm.

I am sad. It’s such a hassle being sick when there’s no one around.

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