Kicking the wall

It is to say the least INSANELY frustrating when everything refuses to cooperate. The sun is too bright, my family are too busy, the dog is barking his throat out, I have a todo list as long as a short arm, brand spanking new photoshop and all the etceteras are sitting on my desk waiting to be installed (you wouldn’t believe how tempting it is to drop all and drool over it all day instead) and I have to get a stupid film camera assignment done. It is due on Wednesday and they are all deserting me for a church family camp some time this afternoon – Goodbye photographic subjects, I only need you for 10 short minutes when the sun isn’t blaring down and cracking harsh jokes across your face!

Maybe I’ll call Sam later today and make her come down to help me.

I’ll make my own way to the camp some time tomorrow but I think I need some space and some time and one last shot at trying to find a few hours more to sleep in. Whereby I’ll pray and hope that the Camera shop in Croydon develops slides on site so I can hang around there for a few hours on the way in and out to Belgrave. This effectively means my ‘photos’ will be ready on time and I can hit the destress button in my brain. Alternatively they can be left at the shop and I can hopefully pick them up on Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon.

I want to install! I want to sit and be as nerdish as I possibly can and I haven’t the time!

“Be quiet Bec, get off blogger, do what you need to do and then go have fun – be sensible and stop whinging.”

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