Middle of the day

What a fine day. After pleasantly beating my alarm up, I stuffed around until it was time to head off to Darryn’s 21st. That’s right, in the middle of the day. A stupendous idea, I intend to do the same, far nicer then an evening with loud music and dancing. Spit roast and other such nice food.

An exceptional afternoon – we (meaning I taxied Sam) were there 5hrs. About a third of the yiters showed up along with a few others I knew/know of. Jacqui – Alecia’s housemate who I’d met once and have no idea how she knows Darryn, Dan of the Berwick yits variety and um Geoff’s sister Anita- not that I’ve talked to her or have even met her but, small world.

Anyway I had excellent conversations with quite a few people. It was good to catch up with Nathan and Jessmyn and Dawn and all those. Can’t believe some of the distance those kids travelled! Dave showed his face later as well as Alecia. Everything was fine and dandy.

Darryn’s little brother is extremely cool. 4yr olds are lucky people, they can run around and go mad and do exactly as they please without anyone thinking they are fools.

Despite it being a family and friends event it wasn’t one of those stuffy, long winded speech type’s which was as it should be.

The sore throat I woke up with is now worse, that’ll teach me for yacking my face off.


  1. said:

    Gosh that brings it up to 3 yits peoples 21sts so far this year that I have either not been invited to or not been told about. And yes I do feel a tad shunted and left out. (not your fault though don’t think that)

    April 27, 2006
  2. said:

    they are simply lazy katrina… it’s all about the who you know and questions you ask 😛 know about Janes? Alecia is having one sometime in May too.

    April 27, 2006

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