About Caffeine and getting up too early

I haven’t said it excplicitly here before but I’m taking the week off caffeine. This is a small endeavour to realign some normal sleeping habits and work out when I actually get tired, in truth it was more of an impromptu thing on Monday morning when I was about to pour the hot water into my cup. Here’s to a shocking character flaw of following ridiculous ideas through because, ‘it might be good for me’.

Whatever non-existant sleeping habits I do have – which strayed in the the 2am’ers multiple times last week, have been shot to pieces as I am totally flat by about 11:30. I didn’t think caffeine had that much effect on me, particularly as I simply drink coffee or tea when I want to (besides the wake up thing) and not always after 8pm.

They talk about the dreaded cut-it-cold-turkey headaches. Which haven’t been really that bad but I think may have been at least present some time yesterday.

It’s a difficult thing to not cave to the craving when you’re at uni and the weather is typically Melbourne – freezing, and your considerate (not that he knows) tutor is drinking proper coffee in front of you and there is enough left in the pot for whoever student happens to get in first, and those who don’t can simply go and make more. (Studio for my course comes with a kitchen which we stock, which means free coffee and tea for us!).

To be honest I’m actually feeling more awake in the mornings which is probably more due to the longer hours in bed than the actual ‘No coffee/tea’ thing.

Yesterday afternoon my lecture on Compression *yawn* finished early, so instead of waiting 5hrs for Jess, Connex did the honors. This means my car is still at Jess’s. I’d intended to be dropped there this morning, when I find out Jess isn’t going to uni until later. That’d work fine, except her Dad happens to be tuning my car today (which is there) but I have the keys. Jess arranges with me to pick me up (nice girl) and I’d come to Knox with her where she was meeting Sharon and then get the bus from there. “I’ll come at 7:40”.

7:40, no Jess, 7:50 no Jess. I call her, “I meant 8:40”. I take the hint from the circumstance to carry out my already brewing plan: wag the tute on Compression – which will be a waste of time. “I’ll come to yours after mum drops Em/Han at school”

And so here I am. Up earlier than I need to and feeling quite all right for it. Still wouldn’t have minded the extra hour sleep-in, but hey what can you do?

I want some coffee!

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  1. said:

    hehe, hey bec, did you know that apples are more effective than caffine to wake you up?

    May 10, 2006

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