Jam doughnuts are covered in sugar

If I’m going to do a ramble about my day I might as well leave the boring bits out. Which means you won’t be hearing about uni today.

It being a Wednesday, we found ourselves – a large group of about 25 sitting around the fire discussing evangelism. Odd, or really not, how it comes up in light of the post I made a few days ago, we also contemplated some ‘kindness’ evangelism which was something Jess was trying to drum into me on the way home today. Curious indeed. I think we aim to go from uni to Terry’s Tucker and so fit something useful and beneficial to others into our week. I wouldn’t mind investigating the kids part of Terry’s.

Jess and I have an interesting friendship that errupts every six months or so due to me getting frustrated at her or she totally misinterpreting what I’m on about. It’s ALWAYS a miscommunication issue – we spend a lot of time with eachother and I’m surprised we don’t grate further. It got a little on that side this afternoon, some words were spoken in a slightly unnecessary tone with some stoney silence to follow. There is only so much I can take about hearing about movies. It is her passion, she does love to talk. I do however need to watch it.

I am rather dissatisfied with myself. I was being slightly ‘stand outside thine-self’ tonight and quite annoyed at the way I do often amuse myself with the poke fun (in jest) at people comments (for things like Jess’s movie obsession). It’s not the best of ways to respect people, it’s not necessary nor helpful. Find other ways Rebecca.

Macca’s after. Items of various food bits (ie: chips and sugar packets) were being thrown around. I got a little sick of it and almost (I did contemplate it a little) without thinking opened a packet and tipped it into some surprised hands. I usually ignore such food wars. Half way through tipping the packet I realised that perhaps it was not such a smart thing to do. I turned back to the conversation I was having and promptly got my face blown full of sugar. I got most of it off and later was showered another two times from the other side of the table via a spoon missile.

Wednesday car movements:
Car moved to a 30 degree angle from my original good park, with the back now about 1cm close to Jess’s car. It took some skillful manouvering and some careful instruction to get her out. Thanks to Tim and Geoff. No thanks Dan and Cam…. until next wednesday when the adventures of Fred the Red car grace these pages again.

Go to bed!


  1. Anonymous said:

    Sugar can be a dangerous substance.
    Rather than pouring the sugar into a persons hands, it should have been over their head.

    May 11, 2006
  2. said:

    Wow, no caffeine and you’re still posting at 12:48am. That is dedication (or perhaps something else)

    May 11, 2006
  3. said:


    who posted the first comment?

    May 11, 2006
  4. Anonymous said:

    wow thats amazing, you know the same thing happened to me tonight… except… i was the one blowing the sugar back… weird! however the way to deal with such nonsense is to simply slap the person in the face with ham!!! or maybe fill their ‘Ugg’ boots with flour… ah i dunno… im going to bed

    May 13, 2006

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