Slapped across the face

Backtrack one day because I didn’t blog!!!! (All die in horror but remember I’m allowed to be and too often am sarcastic).

The day that I wagged uni (the beautiful sunshine filled – non winter melbourne, or just non melbourne day) I spent going out to lunch with Mum, up Warburton way. Had one of those rare get along famously and enjoy eachother moments (afternoons rather), which I do like a lot. So it’s worth a mention.

Uni today, interesting stuff this morning. Jen and I decided we’d single out and try get hold of Justin for the group work – as he’d be one of the few that’d pull their weight. We asked him and he said he’d been trying to avoid answering the other guys, said that would be nothing sort of marvellous and thanked us over and over (this is Mr mature aged, sort of) and Jen’s comment to me later was, “I think he likes us”. Which I found quite funny. Nah, he’s a good bloke – talks a lot, laughs a lot, knows a lot and will work.

Still Images right, Kim (aka Jake… we don’t know quite which is his actual name) or we could just call him Sparky (Or whatever the guy who does spirit fingers off Bring It On, no I didn’t just admit I’ve seen that) puts on a documentry on this tiny tv screen with sound so bad… well! Then he starts going round the room checking people’s ‘proposals’ for their ‘The Body’ assignment. The unit guide unless I’m very much mistaken says week 12 for this. So I have nothing ready, I tell him my vague idea of what I’m going to do, fully admitting I’m not ready and he pretty much tells me to go to the library and do research – after saying I have about 5 books sitting at home just waiting for me to open them. I was a little put out, but took the ‘Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200’ card and went there, happily missing the documentry that no one could hear and three hours of tedium.

The benefits of leaving class early… well!
Sanity to start with, that and a decent chat over hot-chocolate/chai with Isobelle and Jess.

Young adults tonight. Pete was away again so we played a few erm games. “Honey I love you…” which I’ve never been a fan of, Bus-stop (which I didn’t participate in) and close eyes and feel a persons face and see if you can guess them.

Josh was wearing this beanie and Dan grabbed it and threw it at me, I tried to get rid of it but it came back, so I put it on – took my glasses off (seeing as well… you have to if you are playing at that or it’s a dead giveaway). Geoff was the ‘blind’ person. He was put infront of me, felt the beanie and, “Hey hey I know who this is, Josh” or something of the sort, and started slapping me (In the affectionate way um guys I guess do if they are blindfolded and convinced). Entirely hilarious to all, thankfully not painful but hehe, oh was he embarassed.

Fred the Red’s Movements
Similar to last week, on an angle very close this time to Izzy’s car. A couple of the others moved it back, unfortunately the steering wheel was so far locked that my key wouldn’t turn. Michael managed to deal with it. No one will ever park near me now.

Most people went their merry way home. Geoff, Tim (outdoor ed – need a better way to distinguish the two), Laura and I went to Macca’s. Had a good long chat, well Tim was doing probably 80% of the talking. He has interesting psychoanalysis techniques which we were asking him about, he said I’d done him a favor this past week which was really helpful then refused to let on what it was. Managed to get him to say he’ll tell me in 3 months, so I wrote the date down and hopefully wont forget.

Anyway enough rambling, last shift at work tomorrow!!!
Bed should be warm by now.
Time to use it.

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  1. said:

    Well I might have slapped a girl but at least I haven’t seen “Bring It On”!

    I’m pretty sure I still lose.

    May 18, 2006

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