My hands they smell like onions

You know that when you are cutting onions, unless you take drastic measures, that your eyes water like crazy. It’s not crying and you don’t really feel anything.

I haven’t mentioned it before but a few days ago my Oma had a fall and hurt her hip and has ended up in hospital. I didn’t mention it because it didn’t seem that serious.

We went in to see her this evening. I didn’t particularly want to go as I really don’t like the smell of hospitals however callous that sounds, she being my Oma and all. This one didn’t smell- sometimes I think the idea of that is the only thing that ever put a big damper on the ‘doctor thing’, I did use to think that maybe I’d like to do that.

She was far more frail than I was expecting. She has bladder infection apparently as well as the hip thing, and the medication, (this afternoon) to have contributed to well, a lot of confusion.

I never know what to do at hospitals. Seriously, I have no idea. I hate just doing the standing thing. My uncle Peter and cousin Robert were there also. I’ve hardly ever spoken to Robert (he’s 17) before. But we did for once, stood there and talked a bit, just to do something.

She kept wanting to get out of bed and was answering yes to every question and feeling Hannah’s jacket and the sheets.

There was a guy yelling, “Ben, Ben, Ben” from another room down the hall.

I couldn’t ever be a nurse.

The radio in the car on the way home played, Walking on Sunshine.

Sharon Payze had her baby yesterday- Owen

William Kentler is getting married this Saturday and Christine and Rupert next Saturday.

It’s funny how it sometimes seems that the world is compensating.

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