Another disaster Deakin day

I overslept this morning – not so much as to be a problem, but I happened to leave my wallet and phone at home.

By mid morning I worked out it was really not a good day to choose to leave the student card at home. I have an assignment due tomorrow that requires a short video component. I stupidly left it until today to borrow the equipment from the Library. You happen to need your student card for such loans.

I managed to work out a way around it by getting the camera and drivers under Jess’s name, after waiting around until 3pm when she showed – and then had to track down Adrian to get him to sign a permission form (how school).

So I have the equipment. I get it back down to the Studio and realise that I’d forgotten I’d need a memory card (don’t have one) the super intelligence in my brain forgot such things as a dv tape. Adrian points out my oversight – now I have an alternative, but no tape and no money to get one.

Adrian (who’s Studio tutor) lends me some money 😮 and I head on up to the DUSA store. There I find a tape. $12. The girl asks me how my day has been. Not so good, I briefly mention leaving phone/money home. She goes, “Oh you’ll get home and have all these messages!” (mildly horrified) – Can you give a rueful smile mentally? Messages – hahahha the phone is the least of my worries. I’m lucky if I get one a day.

Back to the Studio. I take a few minutes of random footage of pretty much nothing. Adrian leaves, I’m again the only one around.

I plug the camera in first on the PC I am logged into. Nothing. I put the cd with the drivers in, the computer wants admin acess before it’ll let me do anything. Like that’ll happen. I try various other means – zip.

I try it in a MAC. It doesn’t even have enough guts to recognise the CD. I restart. Nothing. I try another Mac, both firewire and the USB. At least this time it recognises the CD. I open the stupid instruction book (after trying everything) and follow it, copy driver files to where they should be. Nothing. I restart. Nothing.

And here I am after having sent a ‘this is what’s happened’ email to my tutor – which may or may not go down well.

I am very over it. I am very annoyed I spent $12 on a tape that to me is practically useless. I am very annoyed I have to sit here almost another hour waiting for Jess because every other little bit of homework that needs to be done tonight is at home.

My mouth has had that, “You still are sick” strange taste to it all day.


  1. trav said:

    hmmm…..Deakin fun! 😛

    I saw you on web msn yesterday.

    Question: How do you change your name when you’re on web msn? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it, but I noticed you had “at uni”


    May 24, 2006
  2. said:

    there is no ‘bi-line’ as there is with your msn at home. Instead click your name (which I usually trav – if I’m not wrong) and just add ‘at uni’ or whatever on the end. easy.

    May 24, 2006
  3. trav said:

    ta, I’ll try that 🙂

    May 25, 2006

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