My lovely friend Jessica had her farewell today. I made her a cake. I really should’ve taken something drug wise before I went – I thought I could get away with it as I managed to sleep without last night (even though it took me about 2hrs to get there). But I was very blah indeed which wasn’t great, but I thankfully get to see her again on Thursday before she goes!

I was going back through photos when I got home and remembering all the fantastic times we’ve spent together. (Instead of studying)

Jess and I got to know eachother during a very cringe worthy art class back in Year 10 – so, 2002. Where we banded within the same friendship group – evenutually and hung out with eachother and Ana/Jacqui/Nat and co. for the next few years. Went on Schoolies and our ‘repeat holiday’ together. Have encouraged eachother (well I know she has me) and been surprisingly good at keeping eachother on our toes.

I have greatly and still greatly appreciate Jess and find her friendship quite refreshing (ergh how else to say this, we are both rather opinionated people but still managed to get along), the majority of my other friends tend to be the complying type 😛 I like the change rather a lot.

Not sure if you still read this Jess, but you are utterly fantastic and there’s so much more I could say. I will miss you immensely.

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