Car trouble

It’s inevitable that I was going to blog about it so…

Church this morning. A fair few of the young adults went on up to Dan’s place – he lives in the sticks, beautiful but still the sticks (I mean more sticks than where I live). So Analise, Susannah and I sqaushed into Ana’s old yellow Gemini and picked the most direct route in the Melways (okay maybe I was responsible for that). We wound up on this dirt road which was fine, but the road we turned up on to got fairly terrible (steep and rough) fairly fast. Geoff’s car appeared behind us so we figured we were going the right way. Ana stalled on the hill and we wound up on a rather strange angle after having reveresed to get out of hi’s way. So with a tree behind us, the car almost sideways off a rather large water carved hole, and the wheels spinning there wasn’t much option except to push. Geoff came back once he realised we hadn’t made it and with us helping, managed on about the fourth time to get out of the problem spot. Needless to say we decided not to try again and picked another road.

Very enjoyable lunch (thanks Dan) and coffee/tea (thanks Tim) and chatting (thanks All). Watched the Incredibles – which is one of the few cartoons I enjoy rather a lot. Ended up sticking around for dinner.

We were following Geoff and Tom on the way home and Analise managed to not quite stop in time at a roundabout (road’s wet) and I had the enjoyable experience of watching a 4wd coming directly for her side of the car. Time did it’s usual ‘trauma’ trick and slowed enough for me to realise that yes it was definitely going to hit and no this wasn’t going to be so good but not really slow enough for me to react in any particular way. It’s a strange thing feeling a car jerk unnaturally sideways. I am convinced I watched something shatter – which must have been the mirror.

Analise and I swore pretty much the same time after the hit and I guessed by her tone that she wasn’t so much hurt but more, ‘Damn I just smashed my car’. Susannah must have said something, she was behind me so not on the side of impact or I didn’t really think too much about her (Sorry Susannah!). First reasonable thing (if it was that) that came out of my mouth was, “Where’s Geoff and Tom?”

The people that hit us got out and did the ‘Are you okay, are you insured?’ thing. I got out straight away while Ana was talking with them and tried calling Geoff’s phone. No reception. Geoff and Tom didn’t hear it happen but actually came back once they realised we weren’t following them. Which was good and I’m quite thankful for.

All the details were exchanged and Tom’s phone had reception so we got on to various parents. Which of course meant tactfully saying the least worrying thing. Waited around for about half an hour in the cold, musing about the ‘gawkers’ checking out the scene, before Ana’s parents showed up. Geoff dropped us others home.

I can’t speak for the other two but no one was really hurt, although we were all a little bit shaken. Ana hit her head but not very hard, Susannah was fine, I was fine – although when I got home I worked out my left wrist’s a little sore so I probably hit the door.

The car lost it’s mirror, smashed some of the plastic window guard has an impressive dent just before the front door, which doesn’t close very well and pretty well lost the tyre off the hub on my side. If the other vehichle was going any faster or hit further back there would’ve been a lot more damage done and Ana probably would’ve hit more than just her head.

When I got home I realised I left my camera on the floor of her car – which will probably be there overnight, so not too impressed about that.

But there you go. First car accident I’ve ever been in. Glad I wasn’t the one driving. And oh look, I have an exam tomorrow…


  1. Wow, that Geoff guy sounds like a nice person. Helping push your car. Turning around when you weren’t following…. Sounds like a bit of a hero.


    June 11, 2006
  2. said:

    I reckon 😉

    June 11, 2006
  3. said:

    eeps… :S

    males are very handy things to have around when your car dangles precariously off the road, or you know, when you get smashed into.

    but, eeps all the same…

    June 12, 2006
  4. said:

    ummm……..sorry everone involoved 🙁
    The camera is at my house, and my head is a bit sore
    at least you are all ok

    June 12, 2006
  5. Anonymous said:

    I’m gonna take a stab and guess that the round-a-bout was the one in kallista?? well there you go… glad your all ok, geoff is a little bit of a tool driving off and THEN realising you weren’t following! 😛 observance geoffrey my boy, observance! as far as living out in the sticks is concerned… i believe it would take me shorter time to reach the city than any of you.. so phooey to you!!!

    June 12, 2006
  6. said:

    yes that’s the one. Is it notorious or something?

    June 12, 2006
  7. Anonymous said:

    nah it’s not notorious, i just figured that there are three on your way home and couldn’t see the accident being done at the others as the scenario seemed unlikely at them. AND people absolutely fly through that roundabout and if yu did get stuck, the chances of them stopping would be unlikely, they are also coming down hill… so you’re pretty much stuffed!!!

    June 12, 2006

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