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I woke up this morning to, “Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!” which I met with a groan. It took me a good long while to haul myself out of bed. Had some breakfast and showed Jess (the culprit) how to use ebay – although it was partially ‘down’ so that didn’t work, I think I managed to reassure her that it was all very straight forward and you just click your way through the selling process.

She had her computer there and was playing some of the new Nelly Furtado stuff – really not a fan. She has entirely changed her style and it sounds like a bad combination of 80’s music and R&B. Nasty. One song was alright. I like some of her old stuff – the acoustic ones.

I was hunting some Sixpence lyrics this morning on Google and found a few of their’s I don’t have… I own about six of their cd’s and thought I pretty well had them all, aside from one collection lot – which I have every song from anyway. I cannot work out where the songs have come from, perhaps from movie tracks or other compliations? This mean’s I’ll have to track them down online or something to a) appease the curiousity monster, b) own them.

I first found Sixpence not through the hit “Kiss Me” (having been out of the country) but on a CD called Exodus that mum picked up from somewhere Brighten My Heart. I tentatively bought their newest CD Divine Discontent – it took a good while to grow on me, and suddenly hit home that yes I really did like them a lot and was listening to them for siginficant periods of time without getting sick of them. And over the next year or two aquired as many as I could get my hands on – with varying likeability strength.

I have found verty few people that share this taste. Oh well. Their lyrics are spectacular! Leigh Nash also has a new album coming out sometime in August – I will be getting my hands on it asap.

That saying I detest their cover of ‘Dancing Queen’ because I’ve never liked the song and have bad mental images of Kylie Minogue strutting her stuff some Olympics opening ceremony to it… And a couple of others like Trust that I find pretty annoying. The reprise is okay. They are not flawless.

Having spent the majority of my life outside of mainstream culture it’s been a slow introduction to the music world. I still haven’t got much of a clue when people talk about various bands. My collection is predominantly Christian music -which I guess is okay but it’s a pretty narrow field. I very much appreciate finding good stuff that isn’t – I never really know where to start.

I like this one a lot at the moment (Sixpence)


Drifting away from you
Spinning down to the pinpoint drop of isolation
In a spell
Walking away from the fire
That keeps my heart
From turning ice

Golden feet grace the surface of the sea
Sinking deeper I view them from underneath
Flailing kicking as I head for the deep
I question a hypothetical lead supper
Oh God receive my outstretched hand

Will I inhale the blue
Spinning down upon the glass
A ghost towards realization of a cell
Enclosing the hauntings of a past
That blind the eyes
And rust the heart

So I fell
I need you to take my hand
And keep my heart from ice


  1. dawnie said:

    hehe, sixpence none the richer are great. i bought there ‘best of’ CD and discovered that i knew more songs than i thought i did.

    July 5, 2006
  2. said:

    *cough* tegan and sara

    July 6, 2006

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