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If you would like to read about my day Analise has a mighty fine post (linked at the end so you read mine first muahaha) – this should save me a lot of words as I intend to focus a bit more on yesterday and last night.

I spent the majority of yesterday feeling thoroughly unsettled/apprehensive (ie. no, just plain nervous) about something, by dinner I was ‘well and truly over everything’. Spent too long putting up books on Ebay – there are quite a few up at the moment but it took far more time than it should’ve due to my head.

I figured life doesn’t give you too much of an option to envelop yourself into a foetal position, sure it’d be nice but we get a good nine months of that at some stage and that really should be enough. Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly – but oh I hate things that aren’t strictly within my control.

The drive to Young Adults was not the most pleasant in many regards but there was a little finality about something. I was insanely curious as to how the evening would unfold.

We were missing quite a few people.

It was a far cry from last week’s frustrating discussion. My ‘head runneth over’ with everything else as well as the discussion around Luke 5. It got interesting. I threw an alternate perspective on the story of the fishermen out there – knowing quite well that it wasn’t of the highest quality theological value, I do like taking the different angle on things – sometimes you get something out of them, if anything they don’t do any harm (I wasn’t being heretical) perhaps I should stick to doing it in my head. By way of explanation, the not-quite disciples got this mega lot of fish before they were encouraged to drop all and fish for men – my head ran down the path of that they would’ve had to do something with those fish. The usual: sell them (?) and so this is mega provision and ‘setting up’ before the go out to do the ‘real work’. Now there is no substantial backing but it’s interesting pottering around context and Biblical life time posibilities… yeh Bec, keep your mouth shut.

I think very badly when I am on the spot. I love having the time, the paper and the pen to properly digest something. I truly suck at giving valuable input into groups over a certain size unless I’ve had considerable time to think about things first. Sure I might occasionally spit out a ‘gem’ but they really don’t come when your head is entirely elsewhere.

The whole transition and progression of the evening was entirely facinating. Tim P (IT) wrapped things up nicely when he mentioned trust. Very much a ‘point out what’s right in front of you’ moment – I thanked him for it afterwards.

James ran communion. A very interesting experience, where he took us out of the main area and behind a curtain (or infront rather) and talked about sacrifice and sin, complete with photocopied cows. A short reflection time for acknowledging something in our own lives – a sequence of passages from the Bible whereby he talked about how we often miss that we really don’t deserve at all to be in that place – what the Jews knew as the holy of holies. And he finally tore the curtain (sheet) and we went through.

A table with communion stuff and many verses written out on the ground. We were to pick one that stuck out as relevant, and sit aside with another and discuss/reveal why chose that particular piece – pray for eachother and take communion together.

I pounced on 1 John 3:16 very early on.

“This is how we know what love is – Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for others.”

Analise obliged me her company, her prayer and her verse and explanation.

We ended up as usual at McDonalds. And it ended up: Tim P, Tim O, Geoff, Jess W, Analise and myself. We had some facinating and hilarious discussion around relationships/friendships, plastic spoons etc. Intriguing the topics that came up within those really. We wrapped up just before they closed MD…

and from there you can read on over at Analise’s. I thoroughly enjoyed her company both last night and today. I value your friendship immensely Ana and I am far more at peace about the things that were plaguing me yesterday.

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