Just saw Lost in Translation

Ahh! Do yourself a favor and see it. Brilliant, brilliant movie! I just find it really hard to articulate why…

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Wednesday night, Tim P showed me a couple of things he’d written, one of which I think he’ll be discussing with us all next week and another which he had in his hand and I asked for a look… after reading it – I asked him to email it to me as it was reasonably helpful/reassuring for that moment. It rings vaguely with what sits on my wall by my bed (and is on this blog somewhere).

“The places you don’t want to be are where I have called you. The people you have met and know, are the people that I have placed in your life to grow you and shape you. Each day new things will happen and your only certainly is that I will be there for you in it all. Trust Me and let Me love you, for I am more than you need.

Soon days will come where you may feel in over your head, but know I am with you. With Me, you have power beyond anything that could come your way. Be strong in Me, and I will be strong through you. My love is sufficient for you.”

There has been a fair bit of trust needed lately. A fair bit of leaning on God. Of facing ridiculous outdated fears. Oh it’s good – it really is, which is probably why I’m so keen on working some on some of the scabbed bits of me. Ha. At the same time things are all pretty daunting. I like it how God makes a point of reminding me of where he is in everything.

I keep coming across Psalm 116.

It’s a funny thing. There’s reliance on God because of need, reliance because of want, reliance because there is no other option. It’s a good experience to have a taste of it all – particularly the ‘want’ bit. I want so strongly for God to be entirely involved in this facet of my life. If only that desire was so strong for life as it is in it’s everyday, it’s intriguing, it’s mundane, it’s routine, it’s occasional highlight, it’s good times…

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