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Yesterday is definitely worth a mention.

You can read some of it here.
I picked up Paul, Paul2 and Jas from Ringwood. And had a crap day at driving I tell you – what must they think! My car was struggling a bit with having a lot more weight than just me (and okay, my parking was terrible). We then went and had a meeting/chat with Rowan. Which I found quite interesting. I tried to get the others to make me a gush admin but it obviously wasn’t my day.

Then to Starbucks – which both the Paul’s had never been to before! I was very amused that Paul2 had never even come across lids on paper coffee cups before. But then, what can you do?! He’s from Western Australia.

Back to my place. Sam and Reinhard came down and we all had dinner. Mum coped remarkably well with the huge influx of people.

I’ll be seeing Jas on Sunday – as he’s coming along to Vineyard so that’ll be good, before he heads back. Paul will make it there one day and Paul2 I doubt will ever make it that far out ‘east’ again – at least this year.

Good company. Reasonable food. I do it any time!

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  1. said:

    I was quite impressed with your driving actually. Particularly when that lunatic cut across 4 lanes on the Maroondah.

    At some point we’re going go-karting. I think you’d be more at home being able to spin out without any serious consequences. 😛

    July 15, 2006

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