There have been some quite classic reactions to THIS NEWS.

To be honest about how I am, having decided to leap off the edge of the diving board into the complete unknown, it (reactions) was something I was more than a little worried about. If you don’t already know me well, or even just a little you’ll probably know that I don’t too often talk about a) what I’m feeling (of course this is much of a mystery to me at times) b) boys – unless it is in the arms distance position of questioning/critiquing/analysing and forming opinions around relationships and how they should work.

If you read back, I’ve written extensive and many blog posts about relationships/singleness etc.

When it gets personal like that I usually run. I’ve avoided truth and dare games all my life up until very recently – to the point of refusing without much shame to not participate and so being the household ‘party pooper’. I have also been in the curious position many many times of being asked a plethora of relationship advice questions from numerous friends/gushers. I never quite understood why they’d go to the clueless, never had a boyfriend before 20yr old (let alone verbally profressed interest in anyone before!). Would someone care to explain that!

As to knowing the stuff: I hope that I’ve somehow gleaned a little advice from playing psuedo counsellor. I can read as widely as I like (and have, sort-of), but am all together certain I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL about how this all works in reality. And although it’s all rather *insert very happy face here* it’s massively daunting. But God has been fairly evident in everything so far and so I guess that’s a good place to start if not the best.

Whatever I’ve said, this kind of thing is not a descison I’d made lightly at all and it’s been a hugely stressful past week regarding everything. I did manage somewhere in there to work out that Geoff is the kind of guy I think well worth the risk. Hence now why things are where they are! It’s good 😀 Oh and the first date thing is delightfully petrifying, but it was nice!

so… reactions:

Family were surprisingly good. Apparently I put Laura through too much hell in the early years and now she wouldn’t ever put me through the same. Glad that didn’t back fire! My fine littlies think it’s all rather exciting (and they like him lot anyway. Han knew him before I did). Mum hasn’t been too bad, I think the rest might have the tight reins on her (so the little birds say). Hi Mum, you read this too don’t you :S please don’t. Dad has been Mr. Typical, which has been quite lovely, haven’t heard too much from him.

Analise, guessed before I said who.
Sam was all rather wrapped up in her own euphoria… haha
Sussanah’s, “Ohhh!” was all class.
Clacy quite literally found the floor in his typical fashion and laughed his face off in disbelief/delighted or something similar.
Jess got cross that I hadn’t told her before Clacy (whom I happened to see earlier and couldn’t lie to his usual ‘Are you dating anyone’ type question).

Mr. Youl – well, he absolutely made my day. Which does mean it’s probably circulated the staff room of my former school (Hi Anne 😉

Kat overheard, “It’s about time!” from some unknown, when we walked out together on Sunday… apparently lots more people knew something was going on before I really clued into it all. Tad disturbing that.

Jess H was sitting squashed up on the couch with me on Wednesday night. “Did you hear Geoff has a girl-friend!” I nod, “Do you know who she is?”. It was glorious giving the simple, “Me!”, her facial expression was priceless and she was bouncing around on the couch making wild thumbs up signals across the room. Hilarious!

Mark Smith – Dad’s good friend (old family friends of ours) and an old work colleague/boss of mine.
M: “Have you got something to tell me Rebecca?”
R: “You know what it is or you wouldn’t be asking”
M: “I know the boring side….”
M: “It’s quite a surprise, we didn’t think you’d even have anyone until both Emily and Hannah were married!”

I know of a few more – not of my experiences though. News travels fast. It’s been easier dealing with it than I anticipated. Much to my relief. Fear is a silly thing sometimes.

And I’ve already said far too much! So that’s enough on that, I might just go back to pretending that I don’t play truth and dare. Don’t expect many/all the details. That’s not going to happen. Pray for it all please. That’s the best thing you can do.


  1. said:

    I guessed it! Apparently I’ve met the guy but I can’t remember when.

    July 14, 2006
  2. said:

    Hi bec, hope you dont mind me commenting! But congradulations! I’m glad its not a scary as you thought it would be.:D
    Your blogs continue to amuse me!:P

    July 14, 2006
  3. said:

    Jess H was the classic. I still laugh every time I think of her face and gestures, all class!

    Tom, I’m pretty sure that you were one of the people in a Skype love-in that I was in one evening. Unless I’ve got you mixed up with someone else.

    July 14, 2006
  4. said:

    Ah, I HAVE met you… now I just need to remember which member of the Syparty you were…

    Also, Ross, you should go to bed earlier.

    July 14, 2006
  5. said:

    Ack, SKyparty not Syparty. You try to make a new word and then the typo demon does his thing and ruins it all.

    July 14, 2006
  6. said:

    Bec! That is awesome!
    OH! *bounces*
    Eee I can’t stop smiling!
    Seriously, I am so pleased for you. And quietly a tad excited that we are beginning relationships at around the same time, so I can make great use out of your blogs on it 😉 Hehehe.

    July 14, 2006
  7. said:

    thats 3 people now in the last week! Congrats, Bec

    July 14, 2006
  8. said:

    ANOTHER PERSON HOOKING UP! Argh! What is it? Love season or somethign? 😛

    As for Sammy’s post, since I started going out with Katie a little bit over a month ago, 5 couples involving friends have started…

    I propose a 6 way date! Like a double date, but with 6 couples! 😛

    July 14, 2006
  9. said:


    A six way date could be interesting.

    July 15, 2006
  10. Susannah said:

    i made “ohh’s”, I’m sorry!
    i was just shocked, but not suprised………

    September 29, 2006

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