“Doctrine doesn’t feed the soul, love does”

What do you think about this statement?

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ws5cl2.jpgI clearly overreacted to my homework levels. After yesterday where I scheduled my day ruthlessly, I discovered that none of it is too much of a problem – Geoff has wonderfully offered to help me on the rest of my php stuff. The model is made and written about and a good part of the other writing around prototyping is going to take me maybe half an hour tops. The animatic is not due until the following week. Less stress and much more freedom.

Wednesday night our young adults group ran Terry’s, which is a free meal put on by our church every week for people in the community. A good experience. I’ve been once before. It was perhaps not the most comfortable having someone watching me while I chopped up all kinds of salad stuff, but I retreated after the food to helping out Narelle and Col with the kids and had a grand time making sure big scissors didn’t cut little fingers and folding chatterboxes.

After, we discussed being involved in the broader community, which to be candid bored me to tears – the questions thrown out were predomenantly to my mind, rhetorical or Sunday School like. Perhaps I was just in a rotten mood? It wasn’t anything new, it didn’t evoke change. The stories that came out of the evening were definitely encouraging.

Today the past revisited in the shape of Peter and Nancy Reed. Back in the 1990’s some time we used to eagerly visit their house in the Solomons because of their pool and for a glorious afternoon tea. They were Emily’s second Grandparents and we’ve each gotten a birthday card ($) from them every year up until we turn 18. Laura and I joined them for lunch up in Sassafrass and wound up at the Rhodedendon garden. As a flower I think Rhodedendron’s are far too showy, but in massive lots the colours are pretty magnificent. Sat on a tour bus for 20 minutes (which I found somewhat amusing and at the same time sadly nice – just sitting there having to do nothing at all). I had a massive headache the whole time because my shoulders were sore.

Youth starts up again tonight. Initiative games. I am looking forward to it and particularly this term (however short) getting to know some of the kids a bit better. It’s a good feeling when you can wander up to them at church and can chat freely – when you know that originally they’ve been pretty quiet, now they won’t shutup.

I’ve been thinking a little about whether or not I should head up to ESA again for the kids camp this year. We shall see how things are looking when the email comes my way, undoubtably it will.

My, the boredom of this post!

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