The Panda Says No!

the panda says no!So, I’m in my last ‘teaching’ week at uni. This afternoon I had the great joy *cough* of being involved in a peer review assesment group of our prototype models and accompaning documentation. Because of the sample of students provided by this insightful tutorial I know now just how or why some people sometimes refer to the education system in Australia as decidedly, well how shall I put it? Crap.

You’d think that as a prerequisite to any University course they wouldn’t have to sit a basic literacy test – that’s it, they don’t. They should. I have never ever seen such a shocking array of ridiculous errors. Last minute many of the assignments may have been, but that can hardly make up for the position of commas, (Or lack of), full stops where they shouldn’t be, spelling errors, lost letters, absent formatting – basic formatting, no paragraphs, no CAPITALS, no vague hint of them having been proofread. Infact, understanding the documentation in the first place was the harder task than critiquing their overall project. What I saw I would not pass at a Grade 6 level.

The Panda is bawling so hard that the dark spots on his coat are running into the light ones.

I end this on thoroughly different note and am sending you on your way to YouTube (That of which Google recently so intelligently bought for some ridiculous packet of green) to check out:

The Odd Couple

Which is kind of funny – and I’m linking to mainly because I played a part in creating it. You wont see me on camera though – I was behind it the whole time.

Oh and what say you of my future venture? I intend to see if I can sell ‘Dave’ (The lego-man Star) on Ebay (After we get a few more hits). Who knows – maybe I’ll hit a goldmine.

Or not.


  1. said:

    one wonders why and who made it and where?

    October 17, 2006

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