Flash, Bam, Caught and the Abnormal Hole in my Pocket

frustrated1 Red Toyota Corolla driving along a residential road…


So I was going closer 60 than 50 in a 50 zone… along my own road.

I’ll find out just how bad I was being whenever the letter arrives. They really shouldn’t make those things so bright – you’re far more likely to have an accident in response to one than in lieu of speeding just slightly.

It’s a worry how it happens – I had conversation about speeding tickets just the other day.

I also mentioned something last night about setting your alarm to wake up on time (along with the benefits of coffee).

I set the alarm last night. I didn’t wakeup on time. Last day at uni and the only lecture I really sort of needed to be at was the one first up. I missed that well and truly, so I didn’t go.

I drove down to get my supplimentry folio application printed as we no longer own a colour printer and the uni printer produced some horrendous result – $20 later.

While I was there I ducked into the pharmacy to get a passport size photo done. $10 later. I get six. One for the uni application, the other for the working with Children form that I need for youth leading. Five for whatever. A quality mug.
Come home and fill out the rest of my application, it lands in the postbox. I’m in the post office and the guy is ticking off all my proof of identity documents. OK. OK. OK. OK. It’s all okay. Reaches the photo. “Uh, your face is 2mm off the right size”. I’m sorry, your face is too short can you just pretend to stretch yourself for a moment?

Pissed off just a little bit is probably one way to put it. $10 for effectively one useable photo. I am not driving all the way back and paying for another, at least today.

I read something on budgeting this morning. They may factor in 10% for some spending flexibility, but they never tell you to add a column for abnormal expenses.

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  1. […] I can now successfully cry about calling up the Department of Justice Speeding Fine information line to request that they fine me again. (Don’t ask how, but I lost the paper before I could pay up). My only consolation is that I can cross something out on my list of things to do.. […]

    November 15, 2006

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