cheetahI hate the phrase, “From the mouths of babes”.

I went to help out at Terry’s Tucker Kids (which from now shall be simply referred to as Terry’s) tonight before young adults. Perhaps not the most wonderful of motives in going – to feel like I’d done something a little useful with my day but hey, I quite enjoy the change of pace and Narelle (the kids pastor) is worth getting to know a bit more.

So I was chatting with one of the girls who was carrrying a plastic cheetah around all evening and asking some silly kid type questions about what it’s name was blah de blah blah.

Then I asked where the cheetah’s home was.
She gave me a funny look and said in a very cute voice, “With me of course!”

God gave me a nudge or some kind of small wallop.

We should definitely take more time out to listen to kids.

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