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I came across this article today:

The First 7 Days of Blogging

and it reminded me that Tim O has recently started blogging. I’m making a stand on the title already and if I ever have to refer to it by name I’m going to use: The WanGed Blog.

Wanordelijke Gedachten

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  1. said:

    WanGed? wow

    are you calling my blog wanged?



    I’m going to google wang and see what it has to say.


    wanged (def 4)

    To obliterate a body part; to cause major discomfort to oneself in a slightly humorous manner.

    Friend #1 that may or may not care what happened to kid that got wanged on pool: “Dude! What happened?”

    Friend #2 that saw it happen: “Oh he wanged himself good on that pool. But it sure was funny.”

    I’m happy with this 🙂

    Wanged it is!!!

    October 21, 2006

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