Right. To appease the masses, the header now links back to the homepage of this blog. You wont see a little hand showing you that it’s a link – to find out why this is so (if you are so intrigued) it is something to do with Java Script and Geoff did it so I have no clue.

Secondly. I was under the impression my first exam was next Monday. It turns out that it’s actually on the Thursday. I did know it was on the 2nd – not sure how I got the day, day wrong. Which means at least one possiblity has opened up… (maybe I will come see you preach Paul).

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cityI’ve been pondering this article a little ever since I came across it a few days ago.

Christians and Culture

Do make sure you read the whole article (next buttons at the bottom).

Incarnational mission was the slap in the face this Sunday. We had a couple come to speak about working with westerners in India (hippies etc). Working with whom they were really suited and at the same time a group of people that were as a whole, overlooked.

The question is, I am fairly confident and have been for some time, that I wont end up working overseas unless it happens to be in a ‘western’ type culture. Why? Not sure. I do know what it’s like to do the typical missionary thing – I grew up in that environment. I don’t think that’s what God has for me. That leaves me with something a lot closer to home. This could be Rebecca just living her life in Australia and not going out of the way beyond the people within arms reach, or it could mean something more. In the past little while things have eventuated in to something almost tangible.

Possibilities are interesting.

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I’ve had a glorious time thinking I’d gottten what inspired Geoff to write ‘Snotty‘ but infact have taken an alternative germ. The past two nights have been sleep eager and I’ve been downing the drugs like someone dependant. My throat’s been screaming obsencities in a dull awkward kind of way (NB all metaphorical) and in the past few hours I’ve managed to cough up… stuff. It’s not been all that pleasant. In short: sore throat and feeling pretty shocking.

Yesterday G and I went down to the costal Williamstown for a picnic lunch with Pete and Kathy (old pastors) and a few others. It was an enjoyable afternoon despite feeling a little bit like I should really not be standing up.

Today comes with the obligation of at least coming close to completing that last assignment so I can get started on studying for my first exam.

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