Advoc8 Redesign

Advoc8 has a new design. I got sick of the horrendous red one and so put up my hand. I also quite liked the fixed Home, Email and Feed icons on this blog so I poked them in as an afterthought. It’s certainly a lot cleaner than the last one, but what do you think? (I also haven’t bothered testing it in various browsers/screen sizes and I keep seeing recently how skewed this one looks so if you could let me know about either looking strange on your computer that’d be good.)


  1. Auran said:

    You know, i think it’s a great idea to be able to click the header image to be taken back to the homepage *HINT* (for your blog and the advoc8 page)

    Looks good though otherwise, quite well done. Might get you to do some gush stuff if you aren’t too busy 😉 😛

    February 8, 2007
  2. said:

    oh yeah definitely. If you know how to link the php rotating image file that is in the CSS to the external let me know.

    February 9, 2007
  3. said:

    Yay. It’s legible now. I like it.

    You should just be able to put the anchor tag around whatever code outputs the rotating header image. Of course, I’ve never even looked at the wordpress template system, so I’m probably wrong.

    February 9, 2007

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