il_fullxfull13116901.jpgIt’s too early to list off new years resolutions, but I’m determined in some way next year to teach myself some illustration. I really think it would be a useful skill. Here’s the thing, I’m never very inspired to draw. I used to draw and draw quite reasonably back when I was 13, but it was always from photos (I was animal obsessed). I’m not necessarily after realism, but how do you develop your own style? And where do you think is a good place to start? I’m keen to pursue ink drawing and things that I can get on to the computer to manipulate further.

Should I go buy a book? Do a course in my non-existent free time? Start drawing (and where do I get ideas!)? Keep an art journal?

I think that mostly I’m stuck for ideas and I don’t want to totally rip off other people’s ideas.

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  1. said:

    join the club…

    ideas, for me, are one of the harder things to do.

    what makes you happy? what inspires you? what makes you passionate?
    what do you want to do it for? for logos, for headers? or simply for art.
    what is the purpose of your art going to be.
    does it have a meaning? or do you like purely on aesthetics…

    (also, i’m planning on doing some short courses next year at the maroondah community arts centre in croydon. they do illustration as well.)

    November 29, 2007

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