Re. Worship in and out

I do believe that as a group of people regardless of establishment, we have our own to hold in regards to living according to Jesus although there is much that God can and does do through our brokenness (in churches as well as elsewhere) we do need to be mindful of actual things that aren’t good – because it is unrealistic to think they don’t exist.

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church-posters.jpgGeoff is asleep upstairs, I’m sitting here listening loud to the sounds of Angus and Julia Stone. It lends itself well to thought.

I’ve been present lately for several conversations about worship/church and life.

Opinions and frustrations play out in the minds of a lot of people that bother thinking about their Christianity, life and the role the corporate church plays in relation to worshiping and living for God and it seems to me that for a time (and often unfortunately sometimes for good) they end up quiting church or quiting parts of church without evaluating things from an unforced court (I was watching tennis last night).

I do not have the answers. I cannot say that I’ve never seriously considered being ‘anti-song’ etc… or even perpetuating that internal debate of my inner life and my hungry better life not matching the outer one. I sometimes wonder how I actually go at living this Jesus stuff out and am I okay in doing what I’m doing or do I need to go above and beyond?

As for evaluation of anything of the body corporate ie. Church.

I recognise that;

a) It’s never going to be perfect, it can be annoying as heck and it’s probably never quite the way I want it to be.

b) That although worship needs to be my life lived out in alignment to God and his way, that there are traditional ‘worship means’ that can actually help my focus (True they can make me play the cynical fiddle too) but from there I can lean out with more intention into where direct encouragement for worship is less obvious.

c) Perhaps God cares about my attitudes rather than the forced application of ‘smarter more right Godly living’.

The best thing I ever hope to do is to keep my eyes open to see God in whatever, even at church, and to live as true as I can to that.

Christianity Church

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