A belated wedding present from Tim S. We were after a wine rack, saw this and got it instead – multi purpose. I swear it looked a much lighter colour in the shop but I think it almost suits better. I might change the handles one day as they are a bit country for me and gold isn’t really my thing, but they aren’t that bad and I think the whole thing is rather lovely. It’s moments like these that make our old semi-broken birch-veneer ‘entertainment unit’ look really crappy.

I am in the process of repurposing a pallet to become a coffee table. I bought some supplies this morning, although might need to get my hands on a planer or/and electric sander – it’s very slow going with the good old piece of cork wrapped in the diy stuff. We may also get a piece of glass for free – which will cut back the cost even more. Haven’t worked out if I should stain the pallet… probably not.

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